Dassault Solidworks Apps for Kids are a collection of web-based apps that introduce kids to the digital creation and iteration process. In collaboration with Jackrabbit, I designed the apps' marketing website and set a playful art direction that taps into the imaginative worlds the apps nurture in young creatives. Using 3D models and image assets that were created within the apps I created illustrative compositions that showcase and emphasize the apps' key features and capabilities.

For the homepage, I animated banners that quickly depict the functionality and purpose of each app.

Website Design
Since we were introducing the world to this suite of apps, I designed the hero banner section of the homepage to prominently feature all of the apps. The user sees at a glance how many apps are available and can click through each icon for an overview description and quick animation depicting the apps' features. As each app has its own identifying color, the entire banner's background color and patterns change as well to further highlight and reinforce that apps' specific sub-branding.
While designing the site's interior pages, I created spot illustrations to support the copy, using various imagery created within the individual apps.
Supporting Visuals
For photography on the site, I edited in graphical elements pulled from the apps' UI to merge engaged students with the on-screen worlds they were creating.
It's so great to see the wonderful options that young creators have now! This was a joy to work on and makes me think fondly back to my early days of pushing pixels in MS Paint. 😊
Check out the live site here:

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