Meowy & Bright
In collaboration with Jackrabbit, I designed and illustrated these holiday cards for the MSPCA-Angell in Boston. Funds raised from selling these cards help support their mission of protecting animals, relieving their suffering, advancing their health and welfare, and preventing cruelty. Naturally, no animals were harmed in the making of these cards.
Design & Illustration
My typical process starts with meeting the client! We discuss their needs and what they're hoping to accomplish with the illustration or design project and how I can help. After our discussions and agreement on a project scope, I'll begin thinking through solutions and sketching out rough ideas. 
Once I'm on to a solution that could work, I'll pass on these initial layout sketches and ideas to the client. These are usually loose and rough black/white/grayscale sketches. This helps to quickly communicate the overall idea and allow for more rapid revisions before I move forward with the more time-consuming task of completing the final artwork. Clients provide feedback during these early stages so that we're all aligned as the project progresses. I'll then refine the concepts based on client feedback and our discussions, typically adding color to the sketch at this stage as well. Once the client approves the rough sketch, I'll move forward with creating the final art!

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