Animated video I created to showcase and announce BellXcel's rebrand

A vision for all children to excel!
BellXcel is a national nonprofit that empowers youth program providers with innovative solutions that help all children excel. BellXcel worked with Jackrabbit to help roll out their new brand identity across video, web, and printed media. I designed and animated the video above, transitioning their previous logo and branding into their vibrant new identity while showcasing their core offerings. 
Illustrations & infographics
Following their newly defined linear art style, I created illustrations and infographics to support their marketing and recruiting efforts.
BXie takes flight
BellXcel were also looking to expand their options within their illustration library. They wanted a character that could express a little more personality and be featured in a variety of scenarios. The team decided on a bird persona "BXie," who I designed and illustrated in a variety of youth program activities all designed to help children excel.
Holiday Animation
BXie made their debut in this holiday animation that follows them flying across the country to celebrate BellXcel's 30th year of service.

Holiday animation I created in collaboration with the Jackrabbit team

In addition to BXie, I also designed and illustrated a curious dragonfly and a nurturing mother duck to add some variety to their growing illustration library.

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