Stop-motion animation I directed and composited for Fancypants Baking Co's website homepage.

Let's get fancy!
Fancypants Baking Co. came to Jackrabbit for a fresh overhaul of their cookie packaging and brand identity as they looked to expand into new markets. Jackrabbit delivered by creating a fun and delicious rebrand that looked as good as the cookies taste! 
Website Design
I worked with the team on the website's overall design and user experience. Jackrabbit's redesign of the brand's visual identity and packaging introduced a lot of fun and energy with the bold colors and energetic illustrations. I focused on bringing the brand to life in the digital realm, translating that playful energy to the screen while ensuring the cookies looked as tasty as ever. 
In addition to designing web concepts and art directing junior designers, I created many of the supporting visuals, including a stop motion animation that showcased the newly redesigned packaging.
Social Media Marketing
Additionally, I worked on social media graphics where I established art direction, playfully combined cookie photography with illustrations and created animations that further brought the brand to life on screen.

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