So many rabbits!
As one of the resident illustrators at Jackrabbit, drawing rabbits isn't just a requirement – it's a way of life! Here are a few samples of the many many rabbits I've created over the years that were used in various marketing efforts. 
Jackrabbit 404 page animations
As typical with websites designed byJackrabbit, we like to have a little fun with the 404 "Page Not Found" Error Page. We hope our site users never end up at the error page, but if they do, they'll at least be greeted with something unexpected and delightful. Playing off the website's URL name (""), I designed and animated these "Jumping Jack Rabbits."
Jackrabbit iOS Stickers
In an effort to highlight our illustration and animation capabilities at Jackrabbit, we worked on developing some rabbit characters to use in marketing efforts. We also wanted to give our web developers some mobile app experience. After collaborating with the team on character ideas, I designed and animated these characters to use as stickers in the iOS messaging app.
Illustrations used in Various Blog Posts

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