Golden Road Brewing
In collaboration with Jackrabbit and Smartfish, I designed and illustrated packaging for Golden Road's Strawberry Cart and Guava Cart Wheat ales. As part of their fruit cart vendor series, the artwork depicts a street vendor selling the flavor's fruit. Key to this packaging is the bold use of color for the clear flavor cues and the strong Cali vibes.
Strawberry CART
Inspired by my memory of driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, I loved the idea of depicting a vendor parked along the coast. To emphasize the strawberry flavor of the brew, I designed the sky as strawberry red with seeds and designed the leaves of the palm trees to mimic the look of strawberry leaves.
Guava Cart
For Guava cart, I went with a livelier urban scene with guava-themed murals on the buildings, inspired by the many murals that adorn the buildings of L.A. Color again plays a crucial role here in communicating the flavor cues. The design splits the can into two predominant colors, the green from the guava's skin and the pink from its flesh. Cheers!

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